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Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]

Susatin Environment - Ganga Vandana

I. Vandana Parameters Duration  -  5 minutes

Vandana to be performed by Students Revering "Ganga" as the symbol of Nature “Sustain Environment

1. Highlight the importance of water from (Puranam / Ithihasam) - 2 -3 minutes

  1.    Performance of Vandana – 1-2 minutes
  2. Songs relevant to Vandana during the performance ( Songs Link )
  3. Pledge of IMCTF (as mentioned in the IMCTF material—Strictly no alterations allowed)—1-2 minutes ( Tamil or English )
  4. Visual / documentary presentation of the story connected with the Vandana performance is welcome. CUT OFF DATE 20 OCT, 2021 – ONLY LINK THROUGH school. NO WHATSAPP OR TO MAIL ID.

II. Negative Points

  1.  Individual dance
  2. Modern dress by the performer or the symbol
  3. Loose hair / without Pottu
  4. Performers identifying themselves by name, school name or Division of their classes

III. Additional Points

  1.  Invocation / Thematic Singing of Thematic Song/ Lighting of lamp etc
  2. In Tamil Nadu traditional dress
  3. Kolam / Rangoli in the area of performance

IV. Evaluation Process

        There are 5 points given in the

  1.  Poor (0) / Good (1)/ Very Good (2) / Excellent (3) marks
  2. Additional and Negative points carry one mark each A total of 5 marks will be the “A” grade; 4 will be “B” grade; 3 will be “C” grade and so o

We have observed from the past VANDANAs, that many participants have not taken pledge. Participants are requested to follow guidelines and do not deviate. Vandana- Story and Pledge are part of one.