Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]


Kanchi Swamigal
Kanchi Swamigal

Reverence is the basic grammar for the well-being of humans and nature and for the survival of the physical world and human civilisation.

The IMCT is wholly founded on the ancient idea of “Reverence” — of which Contentment and Humility are the drivers. The West-centric modernity has undermined the idea of “Reverence” in the last several decades by celebrating hyper individualism as “Modernity”. For Reverence, what is utmost needed is Humility and precisely, that is what individualism erodes away.

To combat the modern social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges — the love of plants or animals or fellow humans needs to be nurtured by ancient Indian model of samskarams [training module for the mind and the body] voluntarily undergone by the young at the most impressionable age particularly in the context of the contemporary world which sees and promotes decreasing reverence for even parents, teachers and elders, for girl children and women, and, of course, for nature.The IMCT modules comprehend six value-based themes — three relating to nature and humans and three relating to humans inter-se — which are essential to the survival of the human race which is dependent on nature. 

Revering Parents

Basic Postulates of IMCT Modules

Conserve Forest and Protect Wildlife

Forests cannot be Conserved unless Humans Revere Trees and Wild Animals. If Forests are not Protected Humans will perish.

Preserve Ecology

Ecology can be Preserved if only Humans Love and Revere All Living Beings. Unless All Beings Survive, Humans cannot exist.

Sustain Environment

Environment cannot be Sustained unless Humans Revere the Five Natural Elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. Unless the Environment is Pure, Humans will Extinguish.

Inculcate Family and Human Values

Family and Human Values cannot be Inculcated unless Parents, Teachers and Elders are Revered. Unless Parents are Revered they will not be cared for and the government will have to spend Hundreds of Thousands of Crores to take care of them. If Teachers are not Revered the Students can never Imbibe Values.

Foster Women’s Honour

Women’s Honour cannot be Fostered unless Girl Children are Respected and Motherhood is Revered. Reverence for Womanhood is the best safety for Women

Instill Patriotism

Patriotism cannot be instilled unless the Motherland and the National War Heroes are Revered. If there is no patriotism, a diverse Nation like India cannot develop or remain united.

Integration of IMCT Themes with Nature and Living Beings

The six themes of IMCT and how the IMCT integrates them to Nature and Humans are:
  • Conserve Forests and Protect Wildlife [Reverence towards Trees and Wildlife]
  • Preserve Ecology [Reverence towards all Living Beings]
  • Sustain Environment [Reverence towards Water-bodies and Mother Earth]
  • Inculcate Family and Human Values [Reverence towards Parents, Elders and Teachers]
  • Foster Women’s honour [Reverence towards Women-hood]
  • Instill Patriotism [Reverence towards Motherland and National War Heroes who have laid down their life for the Nation]

Fortunately, the Symbols are inherent in the ancient civilisation. The Samskarams are prevalent to impart Reverence and in practice at different parts of the country, among different communities and also in millions of homes. All that is needed, is to enlighten the students, with facts and logic, on the need and necessity to leverage on their strength for facing up to the challenges of the contemporary world.

The IMCT module seeks to impart and implant the Six Values by cultivating and Instilling Reverence through Symbols and Samskarams [Voluntarily undertaken Cultural Training Practice to Build Reverence] — like Revering a Tree as Symbol of Forests or Snake as Symbol of Wildlife to sentimentally connect Forests and Wildlife, which cannot survive without each other,  without which humans cannot exist.