Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]

IMCT Programme: Philosophy

Under the domineering effect of ill-defined modernity, many boys and girls often drift away from our values and culture and get alienated from community and society and even from families. This is also largely due to value-starved ecosystem coupled due to distortion through contextual compulsion and peer pressure.

Modernity, superficially identified with just western dress, language or manners, is a much deeper phenomenon. It is the product of modern Western anthropology.

Contextual Compulsion and Peer Preasure
Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. Social anthropology and cultural anthropology study the norms and values of societies. But, modern western anthropology is founded on the destruction of traditional societies and on new civil society founded on individualism — sans traditional society.

Starting with promoting unbridled individualism, it glorifies exclusive personal rights and even undermines one’s moral duties to the near and dear, substitutes natural human relations by legal and contractual ones, erodes respect for parents, elders and teachers, and finally, devaluing family, social and spiritual values, it atomizes the society and alienates the individual.

This sequential drift away from values debilitates the timeless normative social order which has sustained the human race for millennia and pollutes the socio-cultural ecosystem of the society which inevitably enters homes, schools and other centres that shape the young, and weakens the capacity of youngsters to develop and build their character and undermines the social capital of the nation.

To counter and address this degeneration, the IMCTF has devised innovative training modules — known as “Samskarams” in our ancient idiom — that builds intellectual and moral protection to the young against the socio-cultural viruses let loose by West-centric modernity and build in them resistance to handle the ill-defined modernity and recalls and firms up the indwelling bond with our heritage, family, and society and nation and ultimately regenerate ecology and economy.

The IMCT modules rest on the comprehensive and highest human philosophy of “Isavasyam idam sarvam”—whether it is forest or wildlife, animals or plants, rivers or mountains, men or women — is manifestation of the Divine’, emphasizing the unity and harmony of the entire creation; This unique philosophy is India’s gift to the World.

Emphasizing the unity in diversity in the creation, the different Samskarams, re-designed by IMCTF for the contemporary young to ingrain six environmental and human values or themes of critical contemporary relevance for humans world over in them, namely — Conserve Forest and Protect Wildlife, Preserve Ecology, Sustain Environment, Inculcate Family and Human Values, Foster Women’s Honour and Instill Patriotism. The Themes or Values constitute the first core of the IMCT.

To impart, implant and ingrain the six critical values in young boys and girls, the IMCT modules use symbols and samskarams to recall the values. Like, for instance, the symbol of “Tree” and the samskaram of worshiping Tree [Vruksha Vandanam] recalls the forest and make the young know through scientific study, how humans cannot live without forests and how trees are as integral to the ecosystem as humans.

The idea that the entire creation is Divine [God] is a cultural foundation of this country. Without this country the world will be bereft of this high consciousness of the whole creation as manifestation of God. That is why the motherland itself is revered as divine in our tradition.

Emotional Sensitation

The IMCT Samskarams, which are grounded in our civilisational assets and virtues that connect them to the timeless values of this ancient nation, are scientifically and intellectually supported by data and facts obtained by study of each of the six themes and they emotionally and spiritually link the young to the themes or values.

The IMCT stimulates the young intellectually and emotionally sensitizes them to undergo the Samskarams voluntarily. Voluntariness is the third core of IMCT. There is no compulsion of any kind in IMCT as compulsion and Samskarams never go together.

The effect of the Samskarams voluntarily undertaken penetrate the subconscious of the young and emotionalizes them from within to influence their conduct, not just their thinking, and nurture and build in their values, character and personality to live by the six values consciously.

The Samskarams though designed mainly for students also involve teachers, parents, community, the media and the public at large, who constitute the ecosystem for the young to impart the right moral and cultural values.

IMCTF trusts that Virtues and Values build Families, Societies and Nation and believes that individual’s personality building through thematic samskarams is directly connected to Nation Building.

IMCTF believes that given the rise of Bharat as a geo-political, economic and cultural power, it is necessary to prepare the young Indians to measure up to their national and global responsibilities by understanding the soft power of the Indian civilisation and imbibe the values that generate the Indian soft power and present an alternative paradigm of life to the world at large. This is possible only by building values which build the nation.

IMCTF motto is “Value building is Nation Building”