Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]

What is Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training [IMCT]

The Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCT] is founded on the ancient Indian thought "Isavasyam Idam Sarvam" in the Isavasya Upanishad.

Isavasyam idam sarvam yat kinchit jagatyam jagat

Tena tyaktena bhunjitha, maa gridha kasyaswi dhanam

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "Everything, animate or inanimate, that is within the universe is controlled and owned by the Lord".

What the ancient Indian thought so beautifully captured by Mahatma Gandhi expounds is that the elements of creation whether it is animate or inanimate, plants or animals, mountains or rivers, mother or father, elders or teachers, brother or sister are all outward expression of one inner reality — that interrelates and integrates the entire creation.

Just as Humans are inter-related, Nature and Humans are also inter-related, in which, humans are not at the Centre of Nature but an Integral part of it.

The IMCT Philosophy in a Nutshell

The Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training [IMCT] is an innovative module devised to impart, implant and ingrain cultural and moral values in young boys and girls. The essence of the IMCT programmes insists only on voluntary participation by the educational institutions, teachers, students, parents and the public.

IMCT has devised training modules [Samskarams] which are scientifically devised, connected to the timeless values of our tradition, based on emotional quotient and grounded in our civilizational assets and virtues.
IMCT’s programmes rest on the triangle of Themes [values], Samskarams [training] and Symbols [sign] to implant reverence in them towards nature, trees and wildlife, all living beings, parents, elders, women and nation underlying the six Themes.
The corpus of knowledge built by the IMCTF aligns the basic and fundamental values of Indian Civilisation and Culture which is the timeless heritage of India to the contemporary life.

Desam, Deivam, Dharmam – the Underlying Philosophy of IMCTF

In the Indian context, there is a confluence of the idea

Nation [Desam]

Divinity [Deivam] and

Value System [Dharmam]

These three are inseparable and exemplify the Indian Value System [Sanatana Dharma]. Outside this ancient land, there is no place for Sanatana Dharma. This value system harmonises the human society within and other living and non-living beings –ultimately the Nation.