Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]

Responses from IMCTF Faculties

A Total of 1488 teachers have participated in 22 camps from over 636 schools in the city of Chennai. They were attracted to Themes, Inspired by Symbolism and Symbols which penetrated their consciousness. Selected responses are given below;

2012 – Camp – 1

Very Informative & was enlightened specially by the experience of other teachers in the 2 sessions.

Sumathi. R,

Sita Devi Garodia Hindu Vidyalay M H S School

Program is very useful & innovative thoughts were received by our friends.We have to take an owe that we have to follow these thematic samskarams to our children.

Hemalatha. C,

Shri A Ganeshan M H S School

I have more clarity in how I have to equip myself & contribute effectively for the objective of IMCT

Subhashree Ravichandran.,

MNC Vivekananda Vidyalaya

It gives a golden oppurtunity to discover myself & it gives me a chance to give my beat & serve the society by promoting the values in the minds of young children.

Seetha C.V,

Vels Vidyashram

A useful & Productive seminar which is very much essential in the present situation

Anuradha. P.V,

SRDF Vivekananda Vidyalaya

2013 – Camp – 2

It’s a wonderful opportunity to be in a different environment and to have peaceful movement.

Valli Anand,

Devi Academy School

Well organised and very important spritual of useful in my life the environment


Shri S.B.S.C Vivekananda Vidyalaya School

I want to congratulate the IMCT member & participate for this wonderful service.

V. Mythili,


I feel very happy to participate in this programme.

D. Chithra,

A. M. M. Matriculation School

I wish to educate our cultural values and moral values to the children and parents.

M.N. Mala,

S.C.S. Matriculation Higer Sec School

2014 – Camp – 3

A very good training which inculcate the moral & cultural values which is lacking and degenerating in this country.

Vidhya Satish,

Sri Shankara Vidyalaya Pammal

Very informative. It gives me a chance to serve the society better by promoting the values in the minds of young children.

Mrs. Jayanthi Rajamani,

Sri Shankara Vidyalaya Hr. Sec School

The program is very informative, gives a clear way how to take the student has a disciplined, patriotic student.

Lavanya Srivathsan,

Maharishi Vidya Mandar

I love this training programme. It will regain our culture mostly language teachers already doing their work on the basis of our culture. So, please give the change to other subject and teachers and school heads.

A.S. Murugan,

G.T.Aloha, Neelankaral

Excellent ideas and programmes indead. The IMCT programme makes on:

(i) An effective exposure of India’s cultural, social, spiritual and moral values to the younger generation of modern India.

(ii) The programme of reverence through symbols will definitely hare deeper impact on the younger generations. imbibing intrinsic values aimed at.

Kalyani Shankar,

P.S.B.B.S.S School

2015 – Camp – 4

This two days training is very useful.I know the IMCTF Theme, Samskaram and Symbol clearly.

Pushpalatha . D,

Sri . J.R.E.T Primary School

It is very good, usefull to make realize our moral and cultural values. Thank you.

K. Chitra Devi ,

Sri. Vels Matric Hr. Sec. School

Very impressive and thought provoking. Sure to implement this valuable programme of IMCTF in my school . Thankyou.

K. Geetha,

Jaigopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya Mat.Hr.Sec.School

We learnt many vandanas and how to inculcate in our daily life. More over we had contacts with the teachers of various schools.

Lakshmi Devi ,

Vivekanada Vidyalaya

This programme is very usefull to us. We will brought this to ur students.

Hemamalini. P,

Sree Saraswathi Mat. School

Learned about importance of environment. It shows the need of implementing the samskarams to lead a healthy country, fully interactive and impressive.

Vinodhini. C,

Gurukshetra Public School, Kanchipuram

It is very innovation creative progamme we can get more moral & cultural apart from patriotism. We are understood the triangle of samskarams, symbols and themes are mutually interconnected.

Sumathi. S,

Beta Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Maduvankarai

The Classes was interesting, informative, which have based on intraction very much usefull to get clear view about the IMCTF. Concept was clearly understood by us through the recap by the participents through the six kit the themes were beautiful we were inspired by the camp & we decided to follow this is our schoolas much as possible

Hemalatha. S,

Sri Sankara Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Urappakam